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Back to School?

You’re in the grocery store and you turn down the laundry detergent aisle to find only one other person on the aisle. As you both approach each other, gripping your shopping carts very tightly,  trying to avoid eye contact but it turns out that you both are on the hunt for the same fabric softner (Ensueño...for all my Hispanic brothers and sisters LOL). As you both awkwardly reach down to the bottom shelf, the fellow customer notices your WWJD (what would Jesus do?) wristband and asks you, “What does it stand for?” And you quickly spit out the acronym. They then reply, “Oh, l wasn’t raised in church. Could you tell me what it means to be a Christian?” Nervously you panic and instead of sharing the Gospel and informing the hungry heart on what we believe and why it is the Truth, you invite them to church. Sadly,  you never see them again. 

Don’t be this person! Beginning this Sunday, March 4th, we will be hosting a Foundation Class at 9:40 AM! Please attend all classes if possible! Highly recommended! Get informed!